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Meet the Staff

Meet the Staff

Steve Reynolds

Steve Reynolds has been working in the Safety and Health field for over 30 years. He has a very extensive knowledge of the OSHA and ASME standards required to perform work as a highly respectable individual in his field. He worked as a fire chief for Duke Power Company at the Catawba Nuclear Station. He then moved employment fields to the North Carolina Department of Labor, OSHA, as a Senior Safety Inspector. In dealing with both the General and Construction industries, he has experience with a number of situations involving work in a variety of areas. Steve worked for Crowder Construction Company and served as the company’s Safety Director for 15 years. In this position, he had the responsibilities of, but not limited to, maintaining the Safety and Health Program for approximately 1,000 employees. Steve was assisted by 10 other Division and Site personnel to implement and maintain this program. The company was recognized for maintaining an excellent safety and health record during his 15 years of service and received a number of Safety and Health awards and recognitions.

Steve is recognized as a well versed instructor in the Safety and Health field and is certified to teach the OSHA Standards and numerous other safety and health related programs.

Adam Reynolds

Adam Reynolds has been working in the construction industry for the past 15 years operating and dealing with all types of cranes. He has been employed as a crane operator and crane superintendent.  He has become a highly respected person in this field. He has excellent knowledge in this field of work and has the communication skills to teach test candidates the required Standards to become a certified crane operator.  He is currently a Certified Crane Operator and Practical Examiner for the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators.  He is certified to administer tests for overhead and tower cranes and all mobile cranes.  Adam is a qualified crane inspector for these types of cranes and conducts annual inspections per the OSHA and ASME standards. 

Troy Reynolds

Troy Reynolds has been working in the construction industry for 12 years.  He has many years of experience working with cranes and pile driving equipment for pier and seawall construction.  For the past two years, Troy has worked as a crane operator, crane inspector, and instructor.  He has received extensive trainings in all aspects of crane operations, rigging practices, crane inspections and signaling.  He is currently an NCCCO Certified Crane Operator, rigger and signalperson.  He is an accredited NCCCO Practical Examiner on mobile cranes and instructs operators on load charts for their NCCCO Certification testing.

Stephanie Reynolds

Stephanie Reynolds is the Office Manager at COCI. Stephanie receives and processes all the applications that are required by NCCCO for candidates that intend to test at our facility. Contact Stephanie for questions regarding billing, test dates, test site numbers, applications, rescheduling and scheduling of current classes being offered.