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Other NCCCO Testing

Other NCCCO Testing Services & Qualificaion Training

Written Exams

Written Exams only, class room and materials provided.  Registration required through the IAI as previously defined.


$100.00 per Student

Practical Exams

Practical Exams are available daily, Monday through Friday with scheduling through our office.Practical exams can be taken on the three specialty cranes per the NCCCO requirements. All rules and requirements of the NCCCO will be in effect which all candidates will be made aware of at the time of testing. All information and registration forms can be obtained from the website.  There is no registration required by the IAI prior to a test candidate taking a practical exam.  Candidates should bring a passport photo to the test host.  We have and will submit all forms to the IAI for processing. All candidates testing need to have work boots, long pants and a hard hat to test.


Specialty Crane:  $350.00 per exam


ANSI/OSHA Crane Operator Qualification Training

ANSHI/OSHA Crane Operator Qualification training available at your site on your cranes or at our site.  Training, written exams (both load chart and ANSI/OSHA) and practical exams for compliance for operators are conducted in the training session.

CCO Recertification Prep Class

We offer a one day prep class for current CCO operators taking their recertification exams.  Class available on the Thursday prior to Friday NCCCO exams.  Also available for operators who are retaking CCO exams for initial certification. The Core Exam, Specialty Exams and land charts will be covered in this class.

*Please note our pricing does not include the Written and Practical Exam Fees charged by IAI, International Assessments Institute, or the submission of the required registration forms.  Information and forms can be downloaded from the NCCCO website and we can be contacted for additional information.  Written exams are between $165.00 and $195.00.  Practical Exams are between $60.00 and $80.00. Candidate applications for the written exam need to be submitted to IAI at least 10 business days (2 weeks) prior to the exam date.