Lift Director Class (NCCCO or Qualification)


This class is for persons who are responsible for crane operations and material handling activities on the work site.

Topics Covered:

Lift Director Responsibilities

Mobile Crane Rules and Regulations

OSHA Construction Subpart CC 1926.1400

ASME B30.5, Mobile and Locomotive Cranes

ASME P30.1, Lift Planning

Basic and Advance Rigging Principals, Signal Person Training

Load Charts, Grove and Manitowoc

Critical and Standard Lift Planning

Class Schedule:

Monday: Mobile Cranes, Laws and Regulations

Tuesday: Mobile Cranes, Load Charts and Signaling

Wednesday: Basic and Advance Rigging

Thursday: Rigging continued, Critical Lifts and Lift Planning

Friday: Lift Director Qualification Testing, COCI Test

This class will prepare class students to take both the Lift Director Qualification Examinations and the NCCCO Certified Lift Director Examinations.

Contact COCI at 704-735-2707 to schedule a class.