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Rigger & Signal Person Training


At COCI, we offer training to personnel that are required to rig materials to be handled by hoisting units and the required methods to signal and move loads from one location to another.

OSHA 1926.1400 requires that a signalperson be qualified by either a Third Party Qualified Evaluator or certified by the Employer's Qualified Evaluator.  The rigger is required to be qualified by a Qualified Person on proper rigging and material handling per OSHA 1926.250 and 251.  Certification through an Accredited Organization such as the NCCCO is acceptable for both categories of Rigger and Signalperson.

We offer both the Qualification and Certification training at our facility in Lincolnton, NC or you can call about training at your site.  Due to the Testing and Practical Exam testing requirements for certification, this training is generally performed at our facility.  Qualification training for both categories' can be conducted at your facility and usually in one day.

Call 704-735-2707 for details or to schedule your training to meet the new requirements of the law, 1926.1400 effective November 8, 2010.

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NCCCO Rigger I & II (3 days)

NCCCO Rigger I & Signal Person (3 days)

NCCCO Signal Person, Rigger I & II (5 days)

Rigger & Signal Person Qualification Class (1 day)

Advanced Rigger & Signal Person Qualification (3 days)